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Control the lights from anywhere in the house. Dim when needed. The app allows us to turn off lights when we forget or while we are in bed.

The phenomenon of lighting has evolved from its traditional purpose to a wide range with time. Now, lighting control is essential in many situations; to provide an intriguing movie night experience, create the perfect ambiance for a lovely evening with your partner, engage your guests in your living room, or even make your home look lively even if you are on a business tour.

Because they have a measurable impact on quality of life and house value, lighting automation systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Furthermore, home lighting automation is no longer solely a luxury item but has evolved into a lifestyle item as costs and complexity have decreased, with controllers starting at low rates. According to manufacturers, the demand for smart home lights and complete lighting automation is rapidly growing in the move-up category due to their lower cost.

A complete lighting control system for your smart home is always your best choice. It includes individual controllers (zone or room), a central hub that is equipped with a timer and programming, a dimming rack and a processor based on the manufacturer, remote controls, motion sensors, and other assisting devices such as photocells, security, telephone, Internet, and low-voltage interfaces to combine lighting with other systems. Being the most trusted company providing smart lighting control systems in Dubai, we have had the opportunity to work with clients belonging to various industries.

Set the right lighting with 180 Technologies  

The home senses that you’re coming home in the evening and switches on the lights to guide the way. You’ll never ever return home to a lonely building!

In the middle of the night, motion sensors offer hands-free lighting to the bathroom or kitchen.

 You can also illuminate the way when your arms are full or order your house to switch off all the lights from the comfort of your bed by using only your voice.

 Turn On Your Moments. Turn On Your Imagination.

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