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At 180 technologies, we are well equipped with an advanced set of remote-controlled motorized curtain systems.

Goodbye to tangled ropes and perilous chains! With our smart motorized curtains, you can control your curtains with a single touch, shielding your privacy and protecting your home from the sun’s rays.

The goal of home automation is to increase comfort and convenience. Our curtains are controlled by an electric motor and can be opened and closed using a remote control, a timer, or a button. an app can be used to control this. All of your home’s curtains may be opened or closed at the press of a button.

Benefits of Automatic Curtain Control Systems

  • Affordability
  • Savings on energy
  • Integration of Smart Home Technology
  • Lighting with Intelligence
  • Security
  • Safety

Smart curtain control in Dubai assists you in a variety of aspects. Suppose you forgot to close the curtains before going to work and return home in the evening to realize that it was open all day. And if direct sunlight hits your interiors through it all day, your air conditioning system will have a lot of work to do in the evening to coll the heated-up interior. But with smart electric curtains connected to a central hub, you can easily control them remotely to ensure that they remain closed all day and you can also connect the smart curtains with your smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Further, this saves that whole lot of extra energy your air conditioning system uses in the evening.

The most innovative Home automation concept.
At 180 Technologies LLC, we provide a variety of smart home services of which curtain control is the most innovative one. The smart curtain motor provides you with the luxury of having an ambient lighting atmosphere for any situation. These curtains can be integrated with security systems or alarms to make sure that you get notified when there is a burglary attempt. Apart from this, they can be previously scheduled to close and open at times when you are away from your home for a few days. This will make the potential intruders think that you are already at home.

Being one of the most trusted smart home services in Dubai, UAE, we have worked with many esteemed companies belonging to different industries. At 180 technologies, we are well equipped with an advanced set of remote-controlled motorized curtain systems. Our highly skilled technicians and experts enable easy and quick installation of smart curtain systems and look after their occasional maintenance requirements to keep them efficient as always. If You want to add motorization to your home, Just initiate direct contact with us and you will get smart curtains and accessories at the best price in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I make my curtains automatic?
    You can easily convert your ordinary curtains to smart and automatic motorised curtains within seconds with our switch bot curtain system.
  2. Which curtain motor is best?
    We provide the best smart curtain motor and materials like comfy curtain motors and smart curtain ideas for a better user experience

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