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In this golden era of technological advancement, 180 Technologies LLC helps you take another step into the ‘Internet of Things,’ where everything has an allocated IP address that can be tracked and viewed remotely. Home automation has emerged as the technology for the future. We are one of the leading home automation companies in Dubai, that deals with distributing and installing smart devices specialized in luxury villas and apartments. Smart home devices assist you in taking care of your home needs at your fingertips. Smart home automation technology connects devices, appliances, and switches to a central hub, with which you can control these devices most conveniently and safely.


At 180 Technologies LLC in UAE, we come forward to know your needs and requirements and urge to deliver you the best results through our immense efforts. Working with us, be ready to experience the change that technology brings into your lives.

Why Choose Us

We at 180 Technologies LLC provide you with the most advanced home automation facilities to enrich your homes with luxury. Ranging from lighting control systems and temperature control to fully-equipped home security systems, we deliver complete automation services to all kinds of residences and businesses. Our highly efficient team of smart technology experts is updated with all the advancements in the field of smart home automation and comes up with quality automation solutions. Client satisfaction has always been our motto, with which we have developed a healthy and enduring relationship with all our clients. 180 Technologies LLC has provided its service across many businesses based in various industries in UAE.


Coming home from work, as soon as you unlock your smart door lock, the lights in the hallway will automatically turn on, guiding your way to the family room. The temperature inside will be shortly adjusted by the smart thermostat, which will make sure that all you need to do is to lean back on your sofa to relax. This is what home automation does to your place. Starting from lighting systems to smart video surveillance systems, smart home automation technology provides you with immense possibilities to define and improve various household needs around you.

Three Stages Of Home Automation


Monitoring refers to the ability of users to check in on their devices remotely with an app. Someone might, for example, watch their live feed from a smart security camera.


Control refers to the user’s ability to use these machines remotely, such as planning a surveillance camera to view more of a living room.


Finally, automation entails programming systems to communicate with one another, such as making a smart siren sound if an armed surveillance camera senses motion.