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Tile Series Button Panel( 1 Button Panel A/B )

Tile series contains 1/2/4-button panels, both plastic and metal versions. The icons and text of each button support laser labelling. With a built-in RGB backlight for each pushbutton, the colour and brightness level can be set by HDL Buspro Setup Tool or manually set on the panel. The panels support controls of lighting, curtains, scenes, music, etc. Functions
  • The icons and text of each button support laser labelling.
  • Adjustable backlight brightness level via HDL Buspro Setup Tool or manual setting on the panel.
  • Button modes: Single on/off, Single on, Single off, Combination on, Combination off, Combination on/off, Double click single on/off, Double click combination on/off, Inching, Short/long press, Short press/long momentary.
  • Control types: Scene, Sequence, Timer Switch, Universal Switch, Single Channel Lighting Control, Broadcast Scene, Broadcast Channel, Curtain Switch, GPRS Control, Panel Control, Security Module, Music Control, General Control, etc.
  • Button Lock and button mutual exclusion.
  • Online upgrade via HDL Buspro Setup Tool.

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