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Smart Home Server Z10

This product is a device based on TCP/IP protocol and KNX protocol, it is the main device for building an intercom system that supports video intercom, defense zone setting, and standby picture tweeting (under standby mode). In addition, it can also control KNX devices connected to the system, for example, ON/OFF lights, enable/disable scene, dimming, shutter/blinds control, HVAC control et., it supports not only KNX functions on the listed page but also in map view. Description Main Features of Z10:
  • 10.1” IPS Touch Panel with an aluminum faceplate
  • Support standard PoE 48V power or DC24V auxiliary power
  • Support connection to the doorbell or mini outdoor station
  • Support lift calling function
  • Support call divert setting
  • Support real-time surveillance to door stations and IP cameras connected
  • Support receiving messages from the guard unit
  • Support video intercom among visitors, residents, and management center
  • Support intercom in the same network
  • Standard 8 defense zones
  • Support map view programming in smart home function
  • Ambience LED belt for elegance and indication of functions
  • Switching, dimming, shutter/blinds control, value sending function
  • Support air quality value display
  • Support HVAC control
  • Support both IR split AC and AC with protocols (RS485 etc.)
  • Support background music control
  • Support RGB control
  • Max. 8 timing functions
  • Max. 4 group event functions

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