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KNX Smart Touch with push button,3-gang

KNX Smart Touch with push button,3-gang not only supports screen touch operation, but also supports button operation, bringing a sense of dual experience while integrating functions such as Dimming, Curtain, Scene, Room temperature controller, Air conditioning, Ventilation system, Audio control, RGB and RGBW dimming, Colour temperature dimming, and Status display, and built-in temperature and humidity sensors to detect local environment temperature and humidity, meeting most daily applications. In addition, the series products support Logic function and Scene Group function, and 2 external input interfaces (as Binary input detection or NTC detection), provide more possibilities for special and complex applications. Also support practical and convenient functions such as Proximity sense, Screen saver, Panel block, Password access and etc. Description KNX Smart Touch with push-button,3-gang:
  • 3.0-inch colour IPS capacitive touch screen, resolution 854×480
  • Home page function, support to display air quality information or scene function
  • With basic control functions including switching, dimming, blinds, scenes,etc. And other control functions include colour and colour temperature control, audio control, HVAC control (Room temperature control, Air conditioner and Ventilation)
  • Information and status indicator
  • Scene Group functions, Logic functions
  • Password access, Panel locking, and Screensaver
  • Proximity sense, screen brightness setting
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
  • Day/Night signal and summertime automatic adjustment
  • Support customized image resource replacement
  • Support 2 external input interfaces, used as dry contact detection or NTC temperature detection
  • Push button as Customized linking to touch or Push-button sensor, and with RGB indications

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