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KNX Push Button Sensor, 2/3/4-gang

KNX Push Button Sensor, 4/6/8 buttons integrates the basic control functions of Switch, Dimming, RGB/RGBW lighting, Colour temperature control, Blind, Scene, Value sender, Shift register, Multiple operation, Delay mode, RTC operation mode, String sending, and has a built-in temperature sensor to detect the local ambient temperature and supports RGB indication function. In addition, the series products support Logic function and Scene Group function, and 2 external input interfaces (as Binary input detection or NTC detection), provide more possibilities for special and complex applications. Description The functions are summarized as followed:
  • Switch and Dimming
  • Blind control
  • Value sender
  • Scene control
  • Shift register
  • RGB, RGBW, and colour temperature control
  • Multiple operations
  • Delay mode
  • Send RTC operation mode
  • Send Strings
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Logic output, Scene group conversion;
  • RGB LED indication function

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