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DEVIALET REMOTE- Bluetooth 5.0 BLE/2,4GHz (up to 20m)

REMOTE Total control, minute precision Phantom has found its soulmate. Take control of your favourite playlist or movie from afar, with the utmost precision. All the power of your Phantom device(s) at your fingertips. In line with Devialet’s tradition of simplicity and ergonomic excellence, the new Remote perfectly integrates with the entire Devialet ecosystem. This minimalist and lightweight redesign stays true to its sleek origins, featuring refined details like an elegant inox ring. A feat of precision for ultimate control. Each controller is carefully assembled according to Devialet’s unique savoir-faire and engineering excellence. SPECIFICATIONS
  • DIMENSIONS: 80 mm x 21 mm x 80 mm
  • WEIGHT: 146g
  • NETWORK: Connecting to a Phantom: Via Bluetooth 5.0 BLE/2,4GHz (up to 20m range from connected device).
HOW DO I PAIR MY REMOTE? I pair my Remote by placing it near a Phantom. HOW LONG IS THE WARRANTY ON REMOTE? Two years. WHICH PHANTOM IS MY REMOTE COMPATIBLE WITH? The new Remote can be used to control Phantom Premier or Phantom Reactor. HOW DO I CHARGE MY REMOTE? Use the USB cable that comes in the box.  

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