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DEVIALET GEMINI- Wireless Earbuds, 5Hz – 20Hz

DEVIALET GEMINI True Wireless Earbuds ANC | Transparency mode | 5Hz – 20Hz Meet a new generation of earbuds. Sound is music we love, noise we wish to avoid, and voices we do not want to miss. Introducing Devialet Gemini True Wireless earbuds: giving you the best of sound, in all its dimensions. Transforming fifteen years of acoustics R&D and engineering into a portable design you can enjoy on the move. EAR ACTIVE MATCHING (EAM®️) Devialet Gemini owes its superior sound quality to a proprietary Ear Active Matching (EAM®️) algorithm. The algorithm instantaneously captures the specific ear shape of the listener and automatically tailors the signal to the ear up to 10,000 times per second, ensuring a fully immersive and intimate listening experience. INTERNAL DELAY COMPENSATION (IDC®️) Devialet’s patented algorithm perfectly compensates for the internal delay generated by a noise cancellation loop. The result: a significant gain in noise cancellation, especially at higher frequencies. PRESSURE BALANCE ARCHITECTURE (PBA®️) Devialet invented an acoustic architecture of cascading decompression chambers that ensure ideal inner pressure, at all times. Each chamber is coated with custom acoustic mesh that proactively stops external noise from entering the system, ensuring effective Active Noise Cancellation. The result is an intimate listening experience with unspoiled sound. NATURAL HEAR-THROUGH Choose to hear the world as it is with the intuitive transparency mode. Two microphones work in sync to transmit external sound efficiently. Need to talk? These earbuds are intelligent enough to actively filter out ambient noise while focusing in on the 300-3000 Hz frequency range, revealing all the nuances of the human voice. And you can select your preferred degree of transparency with two dedicated levels: low and high. DEVIALET ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION™ Become impermeable to your surroundings with Devialet’s noise cancellation technology, which comes in three levels: “low,” “high,” and “plane”. A hybrid dual-microphone structure teams up with specific digital filters using proprietary Internal Delay Compensation (IDC®️) technology to improve both the level of noise reduction and its effective bandwidth. 24+ HOURS OF UNTETHERED PLAYTIME Devialet Gemini boasts more than 24 hours of battery life, providing more than a day of an immersive listening experience. Up to 6 hours of playtime with a single charge. FITS ALL EARS Gemini’s shape is designed to fit every type of ear. Choose from a set of XS/S/M/L eartips and make yourself comfortable. The Devialet Gemini app only needs 5 seconds to determine which tips best suit your ears. FULL CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIP Gemini’s ergonomic shape has been carefully designed for effortless usability thanks to an all-in-one touch button at the rear: switch on the patented Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency modes, activate your voice assistant, play/pause your music, and more, all while enjoying a perfect fit, no matter your ear shape. ONE PUSH TO TALK TO YOUR VOICE ASSISTANT Activate your Siri or Google Virtual Assistant in one touch. STATE-OF-THE-ART VOICE CALL Your earbuds will automatically deliver an adapted level of noise cancellation when you answer a call. So you can focus on what matters. BLUETOOTH 5.0 Enjoy music at its finest thanks to Qualcomm®️ aptX™️codec, which delivers the latest, highest-quality Bluetooth audio. BUILT TO WITHSTAND IPX4 rating guarantees resistance to dust and water splashes. TUNE IN Looking to put your music centerstage? Devialet Gemini provides superior, immersive sound thanks to adaptive signal tweaking that automatically fits your music to your ear shape. Add in Devialet’s proprietary Active Noise Cancellation and enjoy a truly rich and enveloping listening experience. MOVE FREELY Devialet Gemini’s high-quality wireless audio lets you enjoy music as it was intended to be. When traveling or on the go, enjoy 24+ hours of battery life for no-compromise listening. ENJOY DEEP FOCUS Devialet Gemini’s Active Noise Cancellation mode continually removes background noise, giving you the space you need to focus on what you are doing, whether it’s listening, working, or talking. ,Choose your desired level of noise cancellation with three levels: low, high, and plane. ANSWER THE CALL Devialet Gemini’s convenient button placement and dedicated voice-call microphone lets you pick up or hang up calls with ease, no phone needed. ,Your earbuds will automatically activate an adapted level of noise cancellation when you answer a call. TAKE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR EARBUDS (DEVIALET GEMINI APP) EASY PAIRING Instantaneous pairing for seamless listening. A CUSTOMIZED EAR PROFILE Devialet Gemini scans your ears to determine which eartips will prevent acoustic leakage and ensure the optimal listening experience. CHOOSE YOUR MODE Three dedicated modes for every situation. Five adjustable levels to make each one work for you. TAILOR YOUR INNER SOUND Make the most of every performance by selecting the above mode and presets combined with the 6 bands equalizer. The greatest sound is the one you choose at any given moment. BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS
  • Earbud battery: Li-ion (70mAh/4.4V) | 6 hours of music playback (up to 8 hours with ANC off) and 4 hours with voice-call (up to 4.5 hours with ANC off)
  • Earbud charging time: 1.5 hours for a full charge
  • Charging case battery: Li-ion (650 mAh/4.2V) | 24+ hours of listening
  • Case charging time: 3.5 hours for a full charge
  • Case compatible with Qi technology (inductive charging)
  • Charging cable for the case: USB-C to USB (cable length: 50cm)
  • 2 earbuds
  • 1 charging case
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 quickstart
  • a set of ear tips to fit all sizes (XS/S/M/L) with M size already on the earbuds

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