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2CH 3A Trailing Edge Dimming Actuator with 2 output channels

HDL- – MDT0203.433 Dimmer is based on the technology of MOSFET. It has 2 output channels and a manual switch is available for each channel. Each channel can choose a leading edge or trailing edge by software. This is very useful when the user has a different type of load. And it has short circuit protection and overheats protection.
  • DC Power Input: 12~30V DC, Class 2 (SELV)
  • AC Power Input: 120V/240V AC, 50/60Hz, 6A max.
  • Power consumption : 25mA/DC24V
  • Output channel: 2CH/3A
  • Dimming mode: Leading-edge, trailing edge
  • Dimming curves : Linear, 1.5 exponent, 2.0 exponent, 3.0 exponent
  • Dimensions : 216×90×66 (mm)
  • Net weight : 851.5

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