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This trippy box puts a disco spin on home automation

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Studio apartments can be cramped, but 180 Tech is developing a new arrangement that will make them feel much larger. It’s been iterating on a prototype product called 180 Tech’s home automation for several years, which could neatly compress critical elements of an apartment into a single modular unit, allowing users to pull out a bed or a table and then store it when they’re done to free up space. Many ideas and even some actual items have done this before, but 180 Tech’s latest vision goes far beyond mere storage.

The new vision also allows the entire unit to slide from side to side across an apartment, creating additional space in whichever room a person is in. Items particular to that room may be integrated into the wall as well, so that sliding the unit from one room to another may reveal a bathroom faucet on one side.

Home automation revolutionizes living by seamlessly integrating technology into daily routines. From smart lighting and thermostats to security systems and entertainment setups, it empowers users with convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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This new idea also aims to make the 180 Tech a little more high-tech and a little more enjoyable. For starters, it would respond to voice orders and hand movements, allowing stored goods to fold out or be brought back in with a wave of the arm. Because 180 Tech is connected to the rest of the flat, gestures might be used to control lighting and raise or lower window coverings. The unit would also have long and colorful lighting strips built in that could start flashing disco-style whenever you say that you’re ready to party. They’re only a little bit tacky

According to 180 Tech’s project description, one possible scenario for the 180 Tech is that the bedroom transforms into a home gym, the living room into a dinner party space for 14 people, a suite for four guests, two separate office spaces plus a meeting space, or an open loft space for a large party.The idea is to make 180 Tech 840 square feet in size, but capable of effectively adding two to three times that much room to an apartment.

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