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Tips to Save Energy Using Home Automation System

Home Automation System

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With the introduction of a variety of smart devices in the market, home automation systems have become of considerable significance in the last decade. It provides easy accessibility and control of the various smart devices that we set up in our homes, including the lights, thermostats, TV, home theatre, video surveillance, and security.

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Along with the whole amount of peace and relaxation, you also get to decrease your overall home energy consumption through Smart home automation systems. The ultimate reason for this is, that these systems are smarter and more organized than you are!

The Use Of Access Control Systems

Users who have a fully automated home have been proven to have decreased energy consumption, electricity bills, water bills, and other household expenses. Let us look at some of the ways in which we benefit from lower energy consumption through complete home automation.

Lighting Control

Smart homes are designed with motion sensors to facilitate lighting control. The motion sensors turn on lights to ensure the safety of the passage and turn them off when they are no longer needed. This way, there won’t be a situation when you forget to turn off the lights and the electricity bills shoot up. Lighting can also be programmed to dim after the sunset, to create a soothing ambiance. Lighting control is one of the most basic facilities provided by home automation companies in Dubai.

Home Automation System

Window Shades Control

When your window shades are up the whole day, the interiors of your room can get really hot due to the direct sunlight entering inside. This means an added energy consumption from the air conditioning system in the evening, to make your interiors cool again. Why all this unwanted expense, when you have automated shades that can be programmed to stay shut during a specific time of the day? Moreover, you can manually close the shades when the living room is set for family movie time!

Temperature Control in Home Automation System

A smart home automation system allows you to schedule your temperature systems according to your needs. These systems can also be connected to other home appliances like lights, ceiling fans, window shades, etc so that the temperature systems can be programmed to be used only when they are necessary. Moreover, ceiling fans can also be programmed to work along with coolants, so that the room gets cool quicker, reducing energy consumption for longer times. Through this, you will be able to automatically control thermostats and thus avoid unwanted expenses.

How To Make Your Home Smart?

“All Off” Command

Well, you may not always be relaxed, and easy to make sure you have turned off everything before leaving your home. Sometimes it’s a fan, a light that does not have a motion sensor, or even a television in your room which you just muted for some reason. In all these cases, you end up returning home to see that you had the equipment on for the whole day!

It always hurts to be careless, and so, here comes a remedy. Home automation systems can be programmed to obey commands like “all off” or “powers off” so that you can use them in the blink of an eye and ensure that you have nothing kept on. Whether it be while just going out, going to work the whole day, or going for a weekend tour, you will be satisfied that your carelessness is not going to cost you ever!

10 Advantages Of Having A Home Theatre System

As we have seen, home automation with its immense possibilities of customization and improvisation can improve our life by making it easier and by reducing our cost of living. With the demand for energy systems rising day by day, we should definitely rethink our ways of energy consumption, and contribute towards a more judicious use of the services provided.

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