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This cube can change the whole game of Home Automation

home automation cube

Even the best-designed smart home apps can feel a little lifeless compared to clickable light switches and spinnable thermostats, which is why a German studio is working on a home automation cube that is a tactile alternative to the smart home apps of today. Discover trending smart home-related articles This is simply called a Cube, […]

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Home automation

artificial intelligence in smart home

Introduction The achievements made in the field of mobile technology were the biggest revolution of the last century, having a profound impact on our lives and fundamentally changing our way of existence. Artificial intelligence Technology is transforming how we live, from cell phones to “smart homes.” The core premise of a smart home is to […]

Best Smart Home Technologies

smart home technologies

Smart home technologies integrate advanced automation systems and devices to enhance convenience, security, energy efficiency, and overall quality of life. These systems use interconnected devices and IoT (Internet of Things) to enable remote monitoring and control via smartphones or voice assistants. Key features include smart lighting, climate control, security cameras, smart locks, and home entertainment […]

Riding the wave of home automation

home automation

Imagine yourself on the metro, checking your notes on your route to a crucial meeting, when the terrible question pops into your head: “Did I turn off the stovetop?” Perhaps you’d go to your meeting anyhow, preoccupied by a nagging dread. Or perhaps you couldn’t help yourself and rushed home to check, only to discover […]

What is home automation and how do I get started?

smart home automation

Introduction Our homes have been automated for decades, from flipping a light switch to opening your garage door with a remote control. The concept dates back to the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair when the “house of the future” was unveiled. However, because of the Internet, sensors, and connection, the automated home has evolved into the […]

Explore the intricacies of home automation: Understanding New Technologies

home automation system

Introduction Simple DIY smart home gadgets are quickly becoming commonplace, so if you’re thinking about dipping your toes into automation and smartening up your pad, you must know the difference between the various home automation system protocols out there. What Are Home Automation Systems? Smart devices all run on a variety of different protocols. That […]

What Are Home Automation Systems?

smart home

It used to be that opening your garage door from inside your automobile was the pinnacle of personal technology. A growing range of smart home appliances is making daily life a little bit easier. Smart appliances and home automation systems, when used separately or in combination, can help you save money on energy. You can […]